Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy



Vision To achieve excellence in innovative pharmacy education, services andprofession, and research hence improve healthcare of the community.
Mission To educate, prepare and provide life-long learning opportunities for students,pharmacists and scientists while creating, disseminating and applying skills andrecent evidence-based knowledge on research in pharmaceutical, social andclinical sciences to become basically generalist practioners of pharmacy but alsocapable to participate in pharmaceutical care and play an active role among health care teams to improve quality of life for the Sudanese community.

Curricular Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program and graduation, students should be skilful and knowledgeable in basic, biomedical, pharmaceutical sciences and the interactive concepts between the three sciences which support drug effectiveness, safety, supply, dispensing, manufacturing, storage, informatics and counseling. Therefore, the graduate will be expected to have intellectual capacity for understanding of: • Scientific ideology of basic, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. • Techniques and/or skills applied for drug design, drug discovery, drug dispensing, drug compounding, pharmaceutical industries, drug quality control, drug informatics and drug product market approval. • Different aspects related to therapeutic alternatives and development of the care plan as well as delivery of pharmaceutical services within both primary care and community settings. • The national regulatory authority standards for medication quality and safety besides laws governing the clinical practice of pharmacy. • Social, cultural and moral concerns of patients and their interactions with pharmacy profession. • Different aspects of disease states and their relation to therapy evaluation and principles of evidence-based medicine. • Aptness of prescriptions, medication errors and associated professional responsibilities. • The role and interventions of pharmacists in development of clinical guidelines, minimization of drug induced problems, management of drug therapy and formulation of pharmaceutical care plan. • Pharmacist’s Code of Ethics and the associated profession utilization. • The role of drug pharmacokinetics attributes in formulation of optimum recommendations for special patient drug therapy. •Effective inter-professional and patients communication skills.

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