Faculty of Nursing Science

Faculty of Nursing Science



Vision The College of Medicine in Bayan University tends to be a leader in availing high quality private education in medicine at national, regional and international levels. It seeks EXCELLENCE AND PERFECTION in learning environment, curriculum and clients satisfaction.
Mission The mission of college of Medicine Bayan University is to enrich the pool of medical graduates by :- (1) Competent self-learner graduate. (2) Safe medical practitioner. (3) Rational problem solver. (4) Efficient team worker and (5) Enquiry mind researcher.
Values The Faculty of Medicine Bayan University values commitment, altruism and respect.

Nursing as a profession considered one of the important jobs in the health field, so there is a constant need to establish nursing programs that offer Bachelor to meet these needs in health services and the academic field to increase awareness and to keep up with the advances in medical technology.

To complete the organization of the medical programs in Bayan.

To enrich the career of nursing and health team with safe qualified graduates.


The vision of Bayan College, the nursing program is to be the excellence among other nursing programs nationally, regionally, and internationally, and to contribute to others nursing faculties in providing high standards of the profession.


The mission of the Bayan College nursing program is to provide pioneering education, research, practice, community provisions, and leadership that pick up national and global health based on evidence-based practice.


  • Self-sufficiency
  • Excellence
  • Advocacy
  • Integrity
  • dignity and humanity
  • Caring
  • Partnership

Dr. Fathia Mohammed El-Hassan El-Nadeef Assist. professor with a long experience in teaching and administrative positions as well as conducting workshops and training courses for colleagues and students.
Attained a Ph.D. degree in community health in 2016, from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira. Supervised numerous master’s degree research as well as bachelor’s graduation research.
Author of a book on diabetic health education for students as well as diabetes patients. As well as participating in preparing curriculums for the University of Kassala and the university of Al Botana

It is my great pleasure to welcome the first batch of Nursing faculty, Class of 2023 to the University of Bayan.

As always, the Dean’s Office, our staff, and facilities are here to support you as you continue to grow as a professional nurse and healthcare provider who are ready to join the workforce and bring value to the work of other team members — ultimately improving the outcomes of patient care and their families experience with healthcare.

The high-quality expertise provided by the faculty is aimed to ensure you have meaningful academic experiences whether in the classroom, in your clinical assignments, or research.

It’s an honor to be responsible for such a bright, talented, and enthusiastic group of young people who are preparing to be future leaders of health care.


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