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About This Course

this module deals with the capabilities of communicating with all those who are concerned in the medical field. Those are the patients and co patients well as senior and junior colleagues. It also focuses on skills of conveying bad news. Multidisciplinary teams are the vehicle through which much of modern health care is accomplished. Medical institutes’ graduates are expected to function effectively on multidisciplinary teams. Communication, listening and speaking, is the core of the abilities required to function on teams. The communication skills course offers an opportunity to learn and apply, in daily life, practical principles of interpersonal communication. Emphasis is placed on psychological, social, cultural, and linguistic factors, which affect person-to-person interaction. This course is designed to help medical students improve their communication in both personal and professional contexts. Attention is given to human perceptions, interpersonal dynamics, and patterns of inference, listening, and verbal and visual symbols.


Learning Objectives

• Introduction to communication skills. Why we study communication skills
• How we communicate
• Different methods of communication
• Interpersonal communication
• Barriers of Communication Poor communication
• Good communication
• How to Communicate effectively with colleagues in a medical context
• How to Communicate effectively with patients
• Doctors- patient relationship
• Midterm exam
• Interpersonal Dynamics & Self-awareness
• Talk & Listening
• Psychology of the patient & the co- patients
• Medical history taking
• History taking
• Doctor /Patient Relationship
• organ donation consent
• Final exam

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets


  • 1. Code of Medical Ethics/Sudan Medical Council.
  • 2. Communication Skills for Medical Doctors.
  • 3. Professionalism and Medical Ethics.

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